Matt McCullough

Genre: Ambient Post-Rock / Drone Psychedelia
Home: Savannah, GA
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Temazcal is the solo drone/psychedelia project from multi-instrumentalist Matt McCullough (of fellow furhoof band Blackrune) based currently in Savannah, GA.

The Future Will Belong to Ghosts is the debut album from Temazcal that works to explore the haunted experience we all seem to be in the midst of, concerned mainly with the idea of simultaneously being and not-being, of existing in-between, being both present and absent. Attempting to evoke both the terrifying and beautiful aspects of contemporary existence, The Future Will Belong to Ghosts looks to inspire a sort of perpetual state of becoming, drawing attention to the in-between nature of our experience.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-044 Temazcal & Hemikrania
Run. Split

1. Sepulchral

Furhoof Halloween Split No.06


FH-041 Temazcal
The Future Will Belong To Ghosts Tape

1. Hauntology
2. Holometabolism
3. The Future Will Belong to Ghosts