News: Out Today! New Tape/Digital Releases from Blackrune & Jeff Haley

FH-039 / FH:VI-016 Jeff Haley Home Alone LP

The tracks on 'Home Alone' were primarily written and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Haley. A native Virginian, Jeff composed these songs in the basement of his current home in Portland, OR, nicknamed "Milk House." This compilation is his first solo endeavor, the manifestations of his time alone in the Pacific Northwest. Available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and on cassette tape (ltd to 100) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order here: Home Alone at The Furhoof Giftshop

First Pressing Breakdown:
This Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing of 'Home Alone' on "Smoky" cassette is limited to 100. All hand numbered, with a special surprise. JCard printed on matte paper.

  • Smoky Haze (ltd to 100)
    - Transparent / Smoky Black cassette.

FH-040 / FH:VI-017 Blackrune Dead Temples LP

'Dead Temples' is a musical-literary fantasy-odyssey in nine parts, drawing inspiration from mythology, occult history, film, and literature on a journey to explore the fringes of post-rock, psychedelia, and the esoteric soundtrack as a standalone experience. Weaving together themes and images from sources like the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Roman pagan lore, Dante's Inferno, and 'The Outer Limits,' 'Dead Temples' hopes to inspire a transportive experience in the fantasy world that exists between everyday experiences. Available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and on cassette tape (ltd to 100) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order here: Dead Temples at The Furhoof Giftshop

First Pressing Breakdown:
This Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing of 'Dead Temples' comes with a deluxe 5-panel Jcard with bonus artwork & credits. All hand-stamped & numbered. Comes with a special surprise.

  • Stygian Waters (ltd to 50)
    - Dark Blue cassette.
  • Moon Powder (ltd to 50)
    - Silver cassette.

*Blackrune 'Dead Temples' cassettes will be shipping mid-May 2016.

News: Finally, STAY RAD SAV Has Arrived!

STAY RAD SAV – The long-awaited next installment of Stay Rad compilations is finally here! Furious Hooves has teamed up with local Savannah label Soft Science Records to bring you a curated selection of the diverse & superb music scene of Savannah, GA. The 2xTape Compilation comes in a VHS-style trimpack, hand-numbered & limited to 200, also comes with a 20-page zine featuring art & interviews from art collectives: Fist City & The Clambake.

• Order here: STAY RAD SAV at The Furhoof Giftshop
• More info & credits can be found here:

News: Introducing Furious Hoops "Cassette Court" Enamel Pins

Our very first venture into the world of lapel pins showcases our love of cassettes & basketball with the 1.25" Furious Hoops "Cassette Court" Enamel Pin. Please share your photos with us and join the #FurhoofFam simply by tagging us @FuriousHooves on Twitter & Instagram. We just might select you to be featured on our own accounts!

First pressing limited to 100!

• Order here: Enamel Pins at The Furhoof Giftshop

Stream & Pre-Order: Saint Corsair's debut 'Velvet & Soil'

Photo by Maxwell Turner.

Photo by Maxwell Turner.

Saint Corsair's debut 'Velvet & Soil' is streaming all this week over at The Blue Indian! Jam it before you buy it this Friday! Stream it here.

Velvet & Soil offers nods to acts like The National or Grizzly Bear through bright pop melodies that emerge from dark, pulsing rhythms. — Sean Pritchard, The Blue Indian

Velvet & Soil is now available to pre-order from Furious Hooves in either black cassette or pale green cassette, both limited to 100 each.

Premiere & Pre-Order: Dear Tracks "Soft Dreams" + Interview


Sounds Better With Reverb has premiered the second single & title track from the upcoming Dear Tracks' Soft Dreams EP. Matt Messore also took some time out to talk to Sjimon Gompers of Impose Magazine about the Soft Dreams recording process, cat cafes, and his winter survival tips.

Soft Dreams is now available to pre-order from Furious Hooves (Violet 10" vinyl & Mint Green cassette) and Track & Field Records (Mint Green 10" vinyl & Violet cassette).

News: Daniel B. Lynch, aka Sunglow, Is Having A Bum Week

Daniel B. Lynch was involved in a car accident when a car in a left turn lane suddenly jerked right and into his path. He's okay and the accident wasn't his fault, but his van that he uses for his gigs (for Sunglow, Crazy Bag Lady, The Lipschitz, and more) was totalled. A few days later, Daniel was playing a special event where someone tampered with his MPC (which Daniel uses to make all of his music) and completely fried it, rendering it useless.

We're asking you to help our friend. If you know Daniel, you know how kind, caring, and lovable he is... not to mention his killer De Niro impression.

Please consider donating to this GoFundMe or go to Sunglow's bandcamp page and buy a tape or two. We'll love you for it!

Read more about it in Do Savannah's article.

Premiere: Hear The First Single from Saint Corsair's Debut EP Velvet & Soil

GoldFlakePaint premieres the debut single "Brushes Like A Fox" from Saint Corsair saying it's "...part opulent pop song and part languid, withdrawn nightly mumble – and it makes for a consuming and stirring three minutes or so."

Velvet & Soil is out 2/19/2016 digitally and on limited edition cassettes. Listen to the track over at GoldFlakePaint and pre-order the cassette here.

Furhoof 2015 Recap

2015, wow. It's been a great year and we have so many people to thank for it. Artists, musicians, writers & bloggers, friends & family, and you—our incredibly rad fans! (Over 1,000 of you now... so awesome!)

Here are some 2015 highlights:

  • A 90s basketball compilation now exists in the world on vinyl/cassette/zine (and got mentioned in Rolling Stone)
  • An incredible super-release from Heavy Boots feat. Triathalon
  • Two amazing reissues on cassette (Sunglow and Black Water Choir)
  • A deluxe cassette release for Heavenly Beat's Eucharist ("Body" & "Blood")
  • We got to work with the greatest rock band in Athens, GA (Grand Vapids)
  • Our first DIY release in a long time for pick-up-and-punk band Trophy Wives ("Panty-Pouch" cassettes)
  • Fifth year in Halloween Split Releases (1,000 Pieces & Blood Cousin)
  • Held our 2nd label showcase ever at Savannah Stopover
  • Got runner-up best local record label in Connect Savannah's Best of 2015 (behind our good friends Graveface Records)

Huge thank you to everyone! Can't wait for the new year—working with plenty of new artists, labels... oh the plans!

Stay rad, Furhoof.

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