PM Goerner, Chris Goggans, Matt McCullough

Genre: Dark Shoegaze / Mystical Post-Rock
Home: Savannah, GA
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Born out of a series of feedback rituals in the summer of 2012, Blackrune is a Savannah trio digging deep into the local swamplands in search of the buried roots of heavy music. Like a dark dust cloud settling across the mind's eye, the deceptively unassuming trio of Chris Goggans, Matt McCullough and PM Goerner use rock instrumentation to paint blissfully foggy pictures of the fantastic and the mystical in dense, dark shades. Standing at the altar of Sabbath, Floyd, Spacemen 3, and Sunn 0))), Blackrune compels the ancient knowledge of their instruments in an iconoclastic pursuit of modern musical sciences such as neo-psychedelia, dark shoegaze, atmospheric black metal, and hypnotic noise. Their EP Omphalos came out Summer 2013 as a preface to their debut full-length Palustrine Hegemon which came out 2014. 

April 2016 saw the release of Blackrune's sophomore full-length on limited edition cassette and digital. Dead Temples is a musical-literary fantasy-odyssey in nine parts, drawing inspiration from mythology, occult history, film, and literature on a journey to explore the fringes of post-rock, psychedelia, and the esoteric soundtrack as a standalone experience. Weaving together themes and images from sources like the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Roman pagan lore, Dante's Inferno, and 'The Outer Limits,' 'Dead Temples' hopes to inspire a transportive experience in the fantasy world that exists between everyday experiences.

"Blackrune drape themselves in Southern Gothic ritual. From the ebon art work to the tactile script – even a name that burns sinisterly with its implications – but it’s all a façade into a rather spiritual and otherworldly plane." – KEXP

Furhoof Discography:

FH-040 / FH:VI-017 Blackrune
Dead Temples LP

1. A Scientific Enquiry Into the Psychological Benefits of Magical Thinking
2. Pillars (In the Vignette of the Judgment Scene)
3. Scarabs Wear Their Names
4. A Hymn to Virgil (I)
5. Laocoön
6. The Spiral Stairs
7. Priestess of Lore (Interlude)
8. A Hymn to the Cumaean Sibyl (II)
9. Creation Myth of a Goddess of Storms


FH-024 / FH:VI-006 Blackrune
Palustrine Hegemon LP

1. Vesuvius I (Dawn)
2. Daylight Ritual
3. The Freakout Between Athens and Delphi
4. Unconquered Sun
5. Pompeii
6. The Oracle in Ecstasy
7. Persephone's Lyre
8. Vesuvius II (Dusk)


FH-014 Blackrune
Omphalos EP

1. Daylight Ritual
2. Temple At Twilight
3. Omphalos
4. Into The Pneuma


FH-010 Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune
Devil, Do You Dare Approach Me? Split

2. Oracle of Night

Furhoof Halloween Split Series, No.02


FH-008 Blackrune
Akhenaten Percentages EP

1. A Thousand Stairs
2. Chthonic Rites
3. At Falconer's Folly
4. Laocoön
5. Ruins