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Daniel B. Lynch

Genre: Experimental Electronic / Weird Pop
Home: Chicago, IL (via) Savannah, GA
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Daniel B. Lynch, aka Sunglow, is a prolific underground DIY artist born and bread in Savannah, GA.  His musical journey began when he started dabbling in percussion at the tender age of nine (Note: Cray Bags). Besides fooling around with amateur computer software, he continued writing music and in 2009 Sunglow burst into existence with the debut experimental-electronic gem called Jalopy (reissued in 2015 by Furious Hooves). In 2014, Nothing Doing began the weirdo-pop evolution of Sunglow with the use of lyrics and vocals, adding even more flavor to the dance beats. After flooding the Savannah streets, parks, and bars with his easily danceable synth-leads & weirdo-pop sounds, Sunglow relocated to Chicago, IL for the next level of weirdo-pop evolution. His third full-length album Great Time of Day (August 2017) is lyric-laden and gushing with heavy synth leads that beckon you to dance to while still pulling at his roots of experimental sounds. You may find a new definition for electronic soundscapes in this Great Time of Day.

Sunglow makes music filled with contradictions—bone-dry electronic beats and liquid, reverb-heavy synths; scratchy, oddball vocal effects that alter catchy melodies; retro synths and contemporary production; pop catharsis and post-punk anxiety. In his new album, all of these opposites attract, merging into a unique sound that is weird and off-kilter, but inviting and immersive. Great Time of Day is weird pop—and it’s the best of it. – Laura Kerry, thrdcoast

You can grab Jalopy (2009, 2015 redux), Nothing Doing (2014), Great Time of Day (2017), and Hog Heaven (2018) on deluxe limited-edition cassettes via Furious Hooves

Furhoof Discography:

FH-058 / FH:VI-029 Sunglow Hog Heaven LP

1. Drool On the Fire
2. I Don't Deserve Something This Special
3. Hear Your Heart
4. Godspeaking
5. Different
6. Wedding DJ
7. Perfect Form
8. Taste & Talent
9. The Soft Touch
10. Centre
11. Wat Lies B Yanni
12. Touch It
13. We Did It We Did It
14. Skate Blood
15. Certify My Love
16. Buying All My Time
17. Floatered
18. Cubing
19. Look of Death Stair / 2 Sticky
20. Container Home
21. Cyber Hick


FH-051 / FH:VI-024 Sunglow Great Time of Day LP

1. Gross Me Out
2. Dunno
3. Burn Out
4. So So Strange
5. Tenneco
6. Peachies
7. Goner
8. Dogs in Nylon
9. Spent Up
10. Celebrity Britany
11. Great Time of Day



FH-029 / FH:VI-009 Sunglow Jalopy LP-redux 

1. Forewords Backwards
2. Shorts
3. Funner
4. Jellyhead
5. The Simularity
6. Red Furnace
7. Popcorn the Book
8. Ump the Ref
9. Tooned Out




FH-026 Man Eating Sloth & Sunglow "Living Haunt" Split EP 

2. Sunglow - New Rat
4. Sunglow - Overnite

Furhoof Halloween Split No.04


FH-022 / FH:VI-004 Sunglow Nothing Doing LP 

1. Summ  Ex
2. Slump
3. Push and Pull
4. Vox Coup
5. Avoid Mode
6. Luck in the Junk
7. Lacklust
8. Break Legs
9. Aromantis
10. Nothing Doing