Daniel B. Lynch

Genre: Experimental Electronic / Weird Pop
Home: Savannah, GA
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Sunglow, aka Daniel B. Lynch, is an experimental electronic artist born, bread, and breaking barriers in Savannah, GA. His musical journey began when he started dabbling in percussion at the tender age of nine (Note: Crazy Bag Lady). Besides fooling around with amateur computer software, he continued writing music and in 2009 Sunglow burst into existence with Jalopy. Today he's been flooding the streets, parks, and bars with his easily danceable synth-leads & weirdo-pop sounds. Sunglow's most accessible album to date, Nothing Doing (released June 2014), sees the use of lyrics & vocals tat just add more flavor to the dance-ability. 

Although the mood of this album appears to be upbeat, funky and completely danceable at the same time it is grimy and dark…you feel as though you are wading though murky waters and dissolving in and out of the blacker spectrum of the emotional rainbow. –

2015 brought a redux of Sunglow's first album from 2009, Jalopy, on deluxe limited cassette via Furious Hooves

Furhoof Discography:

FH-029 / FH:VI-009 Sunglow Jalopy LP-redux 

1. Forewords Backwards
2. Shorts
3. Funner
4. Jellyhead
5. The Simularity
6. Red Furnace
7. Popcorn the Book
8. Ump the Ref
9. Tooned Out


FH-026 Man Eating Sloth & Sunglow "Living Haunt" Split EP 

2. Sunglow - New Rat
4. Sunglow - Overnite

Furhoof Halloween Split No.04


FH-022 / FH:VI-004 Sunglow Nothing Doing LP 

1. Summ  Ex
2. Slump
3. Push and Pull
4. Vox Coup
5. Avoid Mode
6. Luck in the Junk
7. Lacklust
8. Break Legs
9. Aromantis
10. Nothing Doing