Photo by Maxwell Turner

Saint Corsair
Lucas Carpenter & friends

Genre: Alternative
Home: Savannah, GA / Los Angeles, CA
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Saint Corsair led and directed by Lucas Carpenter is a new age ensemble with a penchant for the past. Currently based in Savannah, GA — Saint Corsair has gone through several iterations finding focus in the mix between technical, complex composition and simplistic, straightforward songwriting. The name is a nod to the holy and unholy — a saintly pirate. Always looking for lyricism with stories of the lost and reincarnate and melodies with subtle mementos, melancholy or menace.

The story of Saint Corsair will be told in the preface EP Velvet & Soil, out February 19th, 2016 on limited edition cassette and digital.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-037 Saint Corsair
Velvet & Soil Tape

1. Pairs
2. Pulling Teeth
3. Brushes Like A Fox
4. Us Hounds
5. Mare's Nest