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Ian Cory & Friends

Genre: Indie Sludge / Post-Hardcore
Home: Chicago, IL


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Lamniformes, the songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist Ian Cory, has its feet in two worlds. Informed as much by Cory’s experience in the Brooklyn indie rock circuit as by his love for the sounds of sludge and post-metal, Lamniformes is a band that defies easy categorization. Picture Old Man Gloom writing bedroom pop, or Mount Eerie on a Neurosis binge. The project’s newest release, Sisyphean is both heartbreaking and head-banging, an achingly beautiful collection that combines melody with soul-crushing distortion.

To bring these six songs to life, Cory recruited a crack team of musicians from Chicago’s art rock scene and the world of Brooklyn indie pop. Recorded at Chicago’s Pallet Sound studio by Seth Engel (Options, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya) and featuring performances from members of Gabby’s World, Bellows, and Small Wonder, Sisyphean is the product of a multi-regional musical community. The record’s sonic landscape reflects this communal effort. Cellos, organs, and electric piano share space with booming electric guitars and Cory’s own drumming. Above it all are layered vocals and midi programming that give the album a distinct melancholy tone.

Despite taking its name from Albert Camus’ absurdist essay The Myth Of Sisyphus, Sisyphean isn’t an academic affair. Cory’s lyrics are rooted in the issues of modern life, including physical and mental health, addiction, toxic relationships, and the struggle to find hope in hopeless situations. The combination of these human themes with Lamniformes’ cathartic music makes Sisyphean an album for both the head and the heart.

Sisyphean is out on limited edition Cassette Tape, March 15th, 2019.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-062 / FH:VI-032 Lamniformes
Sisyphean Tape

1. Nothing Ends, Nothing Lasts
2. I Have Been A Flame
3. Deep Despair in Covington, KY
4. Hypothermia
5. Diminisher
6. Measured in Rings