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Kevin Knight / Nevin Kight
Kevin Knight & Friends

Genre: Experimental Folk Rock
Home: Richmond, VA
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Kevin Knight is a multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, VA who has performed both solo and in a number of acts (Nevin Kight, Wild Nothing, HAT, Nice Legs, and more) all across the globe. Kevin has also released a prolific amount of DIY albums and EPs over the years, but With Hat is the first to feature a slightly more polished full-band sound. Psychedelic, Dream Pop, Folk Rock… you can pretty much find it all in Kevin Knight and With Hat is no exception.

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Furhoof Discography:

FH-060 / FH:VI-031 Kevin Knight
With Hat Tape

1. Come Back
2. Said & Done
3. Little Human (Going on the Day)
4. Worm Smell (Petrichor)
5. Darkness
6. Wooden Organs
7. Sucker in the Shade
8. Learning
9. Work it Out
10. Quiet Dog
11. Choose Love
12. Lonesome Howl



FH-023 / FH:VI-005 Various Artists
Furious Hoops, Vol.01 Compilation

3. Nevin Kight - Plays