Taylor Noll

Genre: Dream Pop
Home: Richmond, VA
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Hallucinex started as a one-man guitar looping project from former SCAD student Taylor Noll. Hallucinex teetered the line between pop songs and ambient soundscapes. Since adding Paul Goerner (Blackrune) on drums, however, Hallucinex's songs morphed into an energetic new blend of krautrock and fuzzy 90's indie rock. Hallucinex released 'Online Birthday,' a fifteen-minute EP of lush bedroom pop, in October, and are currently recording a new collection of songs set to come out later this year. 

Furhoof Discography:

FH-018 Hallucinex & Sauna Heat
Ghost Vibrations Split 

1. Spooky World

Furhoof Halloween Split Series No.03



FH-017 Hallucinex
Online Birthday EP 

1. Lover's Motel
2. Internet Girl
3. No, Seriously
4. Going Home
5. Let's Have A Chat



FH-015 Various Artists
STAY RAD, Vol.01 Compilation 

3. America Undercover