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Drew Fitchette
Drew Fitchette

Genre: Primitive Guitar / Neoclassical
Home: Seattle, WA

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Drew Fitchette is a guitar player based in the Pacific Northwest. As a founding member of Rooftops and Detlef he has always focused on melodic composition bridging complexity with accessibility. Now Fitchette is composing music for solo guitar, drawing inspiration from primitive guitar, classical composition, and math rock. Fitchette has always been fascinated by familiarity and intrigue when it comes to music, and hopes to push his composition to the margins of both.

None, Too Many is a collection of songs composed over the last year informed by various personal and public events. Recorded over two days in Anacortes Washington with help from friends, the hope was to capture a sense of place, time, and those involved.

You can grab Drew Fitchette's debut None, Too Many on limited edition Cassette Tape November 17th, 2017.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-057 Drew Fitchette
None, Too Many Tape

1. Bill
2. Dorao
3. Athens
4. Ma
5. Calton Hill
6. Opal
7. None, Too Many



FH-055 Baxter Roy Long & Drew Fitchette
A Hundred Gone Eves Before the Spell's Completion 

1. Drew Fitchette - Shepherd