Noah Kittinger

Genre: Dream Pop
Home: Nashville, TN
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True to his moniker, Noah Kittinger has been able to carve out a unique sound within confines of his bedroom's four walls. Beginning with his Toys EP released in February 2012, Noah's sound has evolved over time, resulting in his first full length LP, Vivid. More recently released singles provide a window into Bedroom's future as an artist and the sound listeners can expect on his second full length, Grow (released on Vinyl/Cassette/Digital in May 2014). Crafting songs that remain stuck in heads for days on end, his ability to consistently create beautiful, memorable music has proved to be one of his greatest strengths. His songwriting remains impressive, if not most notably due to his young age. Still under the age of 20, one can't help but be excited at the prospect of the young man's very bright future.

Bedroom's complete discography is available via Furious Hooves.

"There's a sort of hazy, abstract strain of guitar pop that emanates from bedrooms all across the world. It's lumped in with dream-pop and shoegaze, but it's really neither of those things. It's a polyglot sort of music, one that deals heavily in obfuscation to drive home its often ineffable points." – Interview Magazine

Furhoof Discography:

FH-021 / FH:VI-003 Bedroom
Grow LP

1. Being Hunted
2. Grow
3. Nothing Lasts
4. Move Forward
5. We All Need Something [Feat. Jade Lawhon]
6. Hurry, Get Up
7. Drift Away [Feat. Jade Lawhon]
8. Hide
9. End


FH-015 Various Artists
STAY RAD, Vol.01 Compilation

1. In My Head


FH-014 Bedroom
Vivid LP

1. Entering (Intro)
2. Vivid
3. Trees
4. Falling
5. ▼
6. Nostalgic Feel
7. Cmptr
8. The Clouds
9. Sad Happy
10. Exiting (Outro)



FH-005 / FH:VI-001 Bedroom
Toys EP

1. Opening/Intro
2. Forest
3. You'll See
4. Concrete
5. Outro (Toys)