Furhoof: Sixth Man

Furhoof: Sixth Man came about when we were discussing what to do when we work with a band that is touring or playing shows consistently and a Gugliotta-run (remember, that's a handmade run of 24) just isn't going to cut it. We were having troubles coming up with a concept, until we remembered to think in basketball terms.

The National Basketball Association's Sixth Man of the Year Award is an annual award given since the 1982-83 NBA season to the league's most valuable player coming off the bench as a substitute (or sixth man) for their team. Some notable Sixth Man players include: Toni Kukoč ('96 Bulls), Dell Curry ('94 Hornets), Detlef Schrempf ('90-92 Pacers) or Hall of Fame Sixth Man Kevin McHale ('83-85 Celtics).

After the Starters: Once the "starting five" (or the handmade editions) get exhausted, then in comes the Sixth Man. The Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing is a manufactured run of a larger quantity. *Note: typically reserved for touring bands & such.

Hand-numbered: Just like our handmade editions, the Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing will also get the same hand-numbered treatment. 

Attention to Detail: The Furhoof: Sixth Man pressings will still take on as much of the care and attention to detail that the handmade editions do. Cassette runs will still be dubbed in house. All media will be assembled with extra goodies by Furious Hooves.