We would like to welcome not 1, not 2, not 3— well you get the point... we've got a lot of new releases coming out and many are new to the Furhoof Family! Not to mention all are playing this year's Savannah Stopover Festival. And don't forget to buy your tickets today! We'll be having another one of our Furhoof Showcases this year as well!

Heavenly Beat (Brooklyn, NY)

Coming off a boisterous career serving on the Captured Tracks label (2 LPs & multiple 45s), Heavenly Beat releases his third full-length album, entitled Eucharist, adding even more coconut to what I have coined the best "piña colada pop" around. Eucharist out on limited deluxe-cassette this Valentine's Day via Furhoof: Sixth Man. Check out the video for "Eucharist" and pre-order here.

Black Water Choir (Savannah, GA)

Black Water Choir is the collective mind of Corey Hines, blending folk and alt-country styles with a dark-pop influence echoing throughout. The namesake & music pays homage to the black water rivers that meander through the low-country of the southern United States. Furhoof: Sixth Man is proud to present the debut tape later this Spring.

Grand Vapids (Athens, GA)

Stereogum compares their "droning indie rock sound" to the likes of Galaxie 500, Low, and Deerhunter, but Grand Vapids truly is like no other. Carving out a wave of slow-pop guitar sound, their debut LP Guarantees you will be feeling all sorts of hushed chills. Limited Cassette out March 3rd via Furhoof: Sixth Man.


Attn: Savannah-based musicians & bands! We're putting together the next volume of Stay Rad compilations: the Savannah Edition. Go to for more info.

Hopefully everyone had a rad Halloween yesterday, but are you just wishing it would continue on? 

Wish no more, because Man Eating Sloth has made “Undead Space Ranger” to help us haunt right on through the weekend.


We have an early demo of our song “Islands” (known here as “Cricket Chorus”) on this Cassette Store Day compilation from Furious Hooves called STAY RAD.

You can buy the cassette here:

Thanks to  Bandcamp Hunter  for the post: 
  Stay Rad Vol.01 | Furious Hooves  
  <a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Stay Rad Vol.01 by Furious Hooves</a>

Thanks to Bandcamp Hunter for the post:

Stay Rad Vol.01 | Furious Hooves

Our first ever compilation  STAY RAD  will be available in an extremely limited tape form at  Graveface Records & Curiosities  in Savannah, GA for  International Cassette Store Day .  

Our first ever compilation STAY RAD will be available in an extremely limited tape form at Graveface Records & Curiosities in Savannah, GA for International Cassette Store Day.