Heavy Boots - 'Sister Lives' gets EP Of The Week + Shares New Music Video

Independent Music News recently named Heavy BootsSister Lives EP Of The Week and we couldn't be more thrilled. Read their review.

"Sister Lives sounds like a late summer dream that makes its way into autumn when everything cools off and slows down giving your mind a room to ponder and reflect."
—Independent Music News

Wake the Deaf premiered the new music video from Heavy Boots' latest EP Sister Lives. "So Long" was shot & directed by Triathalon's Chad Chilton, along with help from Rachael Perisho and Maria Gelsomini in Savannah, GA.

Grab a limited edition tape here: music.furioushooves.com/album/sister-lives
Or download it here: inheavyboots.bandcamp.com/album/sister-lives

The Sunday Experience | Furhoof Halloween Split Series 1-3

Happy ‪‎Halloween‬ everyone! The Sunday Experience blog wrote some pretty cool reviews on all 3 parts of our Furhoof‬ Halloween Split Series.

No.03 Hallucinex & Sauna Heat 

No.02 Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune 

No.01 mumbledust & Blood Cousin

Links for free downloads available and he has some pretty awesome genre tags too. Thanks Mark!

Perfect|Midnight|World has some kind words about our Halloween Split from last year.

“Day 2 (Await)” by Blood Cousin // Last Night I Walked With a Zombie (Split) (2011)

For the past couple of years, Furious Hooves has been releasing splits for Halloween. Last year saw the first release, a split between Mumbledust and Blood Cousin, which saw both bands tackle dark folk tracks that celebrate the eerie music of the season. “Day 2 (Await)” is one of those tracks - the one from Blood Cousin - and it’s a pitch black beauty that sounds like the somber ballad of a low fog rolling in over graveyard. It’s melancholic guitar barely enough to rise the lovely, hushed vocals out of a whisper. Highest recommendation. 

(download) Mumbledust//Blood Cousin split - Last Night I Walked with a Zombie (via Furious Hooves)