News: Baxter Roy Long Releases Instrumental Album 'Mouth Mirroring Ear'


Baxter Roy Long is keeping very busy this year, releasing yet another album, this time of 14 instrumental life-soundtracks. Mouth Mirroring Ear is out May 19, 2017 digitally on Furious Hooves. It was written and recorded October 2016-February 2017 in New York and North Carolina. We asked Baxter to describe this Mouth Mirroring Ear for us.

"I found an image of someone molding clay hands into the fragile unevenness of plastic sheathing. I took a photo of that photo and placed it between a projector mirror and my center. I bowed beneath it with microphone in hand, elbows acute and catching breath on the offbeat. I rotated the stereo out to a mono in and cut off the high end so the remaining warbles could slowly boil in the cauldron."

Furious Hooves was proud to release two albums simultaneously for Baxter Roy Long on February 10, 2017 both on limited edition Cassette Tape and digitally worldwide. Flower Essence Questionnaire was recorded Winter 2015-Spring 2016 across Lewiston, Maine; Elizabeth, Colorado; and Buffalo, New York. Palms on the Setting Stone was recorded in 2014 across Sequim & Seattle, Washington; and Buffalo, New York.

You can download Mouth Mirroring Ear on your preferred digital service or here.

Also, you can still grab a limited edition (x100) cassette tape of Flower Essence Questionnaire and Palms on the Setting Stone.

Bedroom 'Grow' Out Today: 5/20/2014

Happy release day to Bedroom. His sophomore album Grow came out today and if you pre-ordered the LP on limited edition vinyl or cassette, you should be getting them in the coming days! If you haven't ordered either of those yet, you can do so here:

For those that wish to download the new album, check it out on iTunes or Amazon.

Bedroom continues their tour through the southeast, headed to Orlando, Tampa and Nashville next. See those dates here.

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Hallucinex   Online Birthday  EP (FH-017, 10/8/2013) 
 1. Lover&#8217;s Motel 2. Internet Girl 3. No, Seriously 4. Going Home 5. Let&#8217;s Have A Chat 
 Debut EP from dream-looper Taylor Noll, aka  Hallucinex . LTD Cassette/CD from  Furious Hooves . 

Hallucinex Online Birthday EP (FH-017, 10/8/2013)

1. Lover’s Motel
2. Internet Girl
3. No, Seriously
4. Going Home
5. Let’s Have A Chat

Debut EP from dream-looper Taylor Noll, aka Hallucinex.
LTD Cassette/CD from Furious Hooves