Happy October from Furhoof!

We're super excited to release this year's Furhoof Hallowen Split Series. The fourth part to our series entitled "Living Haunt" brings us Man Eating Sloth (Draper, VA) and Sunglow (Savannah, GA) who have teamed up to create not two, but four songs to help you celebrate Halloween all month long.

FH-026 // Halloween Split Series No.04 
"Living Haunt" 
by Man Eating Sloth & Sunglow

  1. Man Eating Sloth - Undead Space Ranger
  2. Sunglow - New Rat
  3. Man Eating Sloth - Enslaved By Machines
  4. Sunglow - Overnite

"Undead Space Ranger" and "Enslaved By Machines" were written, recorded and produced by Gabriel McFarland.

"New Rat" & "Overnite" were written, recorded and produced by Daniel B. Lynch. 

Design & Illustrations by Ryan McCardle

Download/Stream from Bandcamp. Stream from Soundcloud.

Hopefully everyone had a rad Halloween yesterday, but are you just wishing it would continue on? 

Wish no more, because Man Eating Sloth has made “Undead Space Ranger” to help us haunt right on through the weekend.

The Sunday Experience | Furhoof Halloween Split Series 1-3

Happy ‪‎Halloween‬ everyone! The Sunday Experience blog wrote some pretty cool reviews on all 3 parts of our Furhoof‬ Halloween Split Series.

No.03 Hallucinex & Sauna Heat 

No.02 Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune 

No.01 mumbledust & Blood Cousin

Links for free downloads available and he has some pretty awesome genre tags too. Thanks Mark!

Furious Hooves releases Halloween Split feat. Hallucinex & Sauna Heat

Ryan talks to Savannah music blog hissing lawns about the Furhoof Halloween Split Series as well as the birth/present/future of Furious Hooves. We also hear from Michael Younker of Sauna Heat about his contribution to this year’s split and what Hallucinex/Taylor Noll’s mom thinks about Ghost Vibrations.

Click the link above to read more…

Happy Halloween! Celebrate by downloading Furhoof’s Halloween Split Series No.03 Ghost Vibrations featuring Hallucinex & Sauna Heat for free!

Download No.01 with mumbledust & Blood Cousin for free.
Download No.02 with Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune for free as well

Perfect|Midnight|World has some kind words about our Halloween Split from last year.

“Day 2 (Await)” by Blood Cousin // Last Night I Walked With a Zombie (Split) (2011)

For the past couple of years, Furious Hooves has been releasing splits for Halloween. Last year saw the first release, a split between Mumbledust and Blood Cousin, which saw both bands tackle dark folk tracks that celebrate the eerie music of the season. “Day 2 (Await)” is one of those tracks - the one from Blood Cousin - and it’s a pitch black beauty that sounds like the somber ballad of a low fog rolling in over graveyard. It’s melancholic guitar barely enough to rise the lovely, hushed vocals out of a whisper. Highest recommendation. 

(download) Mumbledust//Blood Cousin split - Last Night I Walked with a Zombie (via Furious Hooves)