New Gnaw Rains Music Video, Furious Hoops Tape & Graveface Anniversary Party

Bill at hissing lawns was kind enough to do a blog-blast of all things furhoof! 

Furious Hoops Vol. 01 gets the tape treatment for Cassette Store Day this Saturday. Check out the new video from Gnaw Rains' contribution... and learn about sportsmanship. 

•Unfortunately, our other CSD release STAY RAD SAV has ben postponed, but it's still coming. More info on that soon.

•New Heavy Boots music video for "So Long" off of new Triathalon-collaboration album Sister Lives

•AND we'll have a table at Graveface Records & Curiosities Friday, for their 4th anniversary block party. 6pm, stop bye... we'll have stuff! Consider it a pre-game to their all-day (and night) Graveface Fright Fest on Saturday which you should also attend. Buy tickets below.

This Friday be sure to catch PM Goerner (of  Blackrune ) and Ryan McCardle (of  mumbledust ) collaborating on a new ambient endeavor called  Black Dust . 
 They will play 7pm at  Graveface Records & Curiosities  with Alabama dream pop doods  Beach Weather  and  Edward Appleby . RSVP:  here .

This Friday be sure to catch PM Goerner (of Blackrune) and Ryan McCardle (of mumbledust) collaborating on a new ambient endeavor called Black Dust.

They will play 7pm at Graveface Records & Curiosities with Alabama dream pop doods Beach Weather and Edward Appleby. RSVP: here.

CMJ Scene Report: The Casket Girls on Savannah, GA

Ryan Graveface of Graveface Records (The Casket Girls, Dreamend, Black Moth Super Rainbow) talked to CMJ about the what-have-yas in Savannah, GA. He drops a lot of our good friends and includes a few bands to watch from the furhoof family. Thanks Ryan!

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Blue Indian: RSD13 Graveface Records & Curiosities Showcase

Read this review of the Record Store Day showcase at Graveface Records & Curiosities in Savannah, GA. Furious Hooves had a few bands (mumbledust, Hallucinux) and a ton of friends that played this event. Extra special shoutout to Duddy’s Donuts (aka 1,000 Pieces). Thanks to Blue Indian for the write-up.

Flannel Gurl likes to call furhoof Ryan "the Hornet" for some reason.

Thanks for the love Flannel Gurl!


We are extremely stoked for and proud of our friend Ryan “The Hornet” McCardle who helps us do a lot of different design things, such as doing the b-side etching for the CityCop record or the layout for the Trust Fall record and the overall art direction of I Got Brains Fest. Along with helping us, he does design work for GRAVEFACE RECORDS who recently released the new The Appleseed Cast (official page) record entitled Illumination Ritual in which Ryan did the entire design and layout. If you’re ever in the need for someone to help you do design work please email Ryan a.k.a The Hornet at! It is also worth noting that he co-runs a pretty sweet record label called Furious Hooves with our wonderful friend T.j. Hatcher and they have put out some of our favorite releases in recent memory.