News: Furious Hooves Release Debut Tape from The Lipschitz

FH-048 / FH:VI-022 The Lipschitz Country Boy LP
The Lipschitz are Ron and Dawn Lipschitz, self-proclaimed Garage-Yacht from Savannah, GA. You may recognize the faces of Ron and Dawn actually as Rachael Boswell (Trophy Wives) and Daniel Brady Lynch (Sunglow, Cray Bags, Greta O & The Toxic Shock, etc). Together they are creating an "ever growing catalog of speedy, reverbed out blasts of indie punk goodness." (hissing lawns)

Their debut LP Country Boy is out on limited edition cassette March 24, 2017. Available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and on cassette tape (ltd to 100) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order here: Country Boy at The Furhoof Giftshop

First Pressing Breakdown:
This Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing of 'Country Boy' on "Black Leather" cassette is limited to 100. All hand numbered, with a special surprise. Reversible JCard "Choose-Your-Own-Jacket" Cover Art.

  • "Black Leather" (ltd to 100)
    - Black cassette, 3-panel Reversible Jcard
  • DIY (ltd to 44) SOLD OUT
    - Black cassette, 4-panel Jcard (Non-Reversible)

The Lipschitz On The Road
March 20 - Charleston, SC - Local 616 w/ Dumb Doctors, Townhouse, See Through Dresses
April 8 - Savannah, GA - Cake Factory w/ UV-TV, Pointless Honey

Two New Releases from Baxter Roy Long

Furious Hooves is proud to release two albums simultaneously for Baxter Roy Long on February 10, 2017 both on limited edition Cassette Tape and digitally worldwide. Flower Essence Questionnaire was recorded Winter 2015-Spring 2016 across Lewiston, Maine; Elizabeth, Colorado; and Buffalo, New York. Palms on the Setting Stone was recorded in 2014 across Sequim & Seattle, Washington; and Buffalo, New York.

Introducing Dæva! Songs of Love, Loss, and The X-Files. 💖👽🔮

Dæva (pronounced day-va) is the recording project of Gigi Mead, Brooklyn resident who lives with a cat named Aubrey and casts spells, slings books, and writes songs in her spare time. To borrow from Wake The Deaf, "Her debut EP, Beta Persei, is an experimental dream pop project which focuses on the only themes relevant to any experimental dream pop act worth their salt – love, loss and The X-Files."

The Grey Estate premiered "Dream" while Wake The Deaf reviewed it and premiered "Ache." Please do yourself a favor and check both of those blogs out.

Beta Persei, the debut LP from Dæva, is out this Friday 25 November 2016 digitally worldwide and on limited edition glitter cassette tape from Furious Hooves.

If you happen to be in NYC on December 2nd, go to Catland in Brooklyn for the Dæva album release show. More info on that here.

New Releases From Rainwater & Temazcal

Rainwater Swimming In Sunlight LP
'Swimming in Sunlight' is the debut release from Rainwater, a project helmed by songwriter Blake Luley. The album is an intimate, personal journey out of the dark wilderness of adolescence and self-loathing into the light of love and acceptance. These gentle, shimmering songs were written and recorded in a variety of places, from bathroom floors to studio spaces, over the course of eight years, charting the ups, downs, and quiet revelations of Luley’s young adulthood in Brooklyn, NY. Available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc), on CD (handmade by Pavonine Packaging ltd to 100), on cassette tape (ltd to 100) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order CD/Tape here: Swimming In Sunglight at The Furhoof Giftshop 

Temazcal The Future Belongs To Ghosts LP
'The Future Will Belong to Ghosts' is the debut album from Temazcal that works to explore the haunted experience we all seem to be in the midst of, concerned mainly with the idea of simultaneously being and not-being, of existing in-between, being both present and absent. Attempting to evoke both the terrifying and beautiful aspects of contemporary existence, 'The Future Will Belong to Ghosts' looks to inspire a sort of perpetual state of becoming, drawing attention to the in-between nature of our experience. Available digitally (Bandcamp) and on cassette tape (ltd to 50) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order Tape here: The Future Belongs To Ghosts at The Furhoof Giftshop 

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News: Out Today! New Tape/Digital Releases from Blackrune & Jeff Haley

FH-039 / FH:VI-016 Jeff Haley Home Alone LP

The tracks on 'Home Alone' were primarily written and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Haley. A native Virginian, Jeff composed these songs in the basement of his current home in Portland, OR, nicknamed "Milk House." This compilation is his first solo endeavor, the manifestations of his time alone in the Pacific Northwest. Available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and on cassette tape (ltd to 100) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order here: Home Alone at The Furhoof Giftshop

First Pressing Breakdown:
This Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing of 'Home Alone' on "Smoky" cassette is limited to 100. All hand numbered, with a special surprise. JCard printed on matte paper.

  • Smoky Haze (ltd to 100)
    - Transparent / Smoky Black cassette.

FH-040 / FH:VI-017 Blackrune Dead Temples LP

'Dead Temples' is a musical-literary fantasy-odyssey in nine parts, drawing inspiration from mythology, occult history, film, and literature on a journey to explore the fringes of post-rock, psychedelia, and the esoteric soundtrack as a standalone experience. Weaving together themes and images from sources like the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Roman pagan lore, Dante's Inferno, and 'The Outer Limits,' 'Dead Temples' hopes to inspire a transportive experience in the fantasy world that exists between everyday experiences. Available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and on cassette tape (ltd to 100) direct from Furious Hooves.

• Order here: Dead Temples at The Furhoof Giftshop

First Pressing Breakdown:
This Furhoof: Sixth Man pressing of 'Dead Temples' comes with a deluxe 5-panel Jcard with bonus artwork & credits. All hand-stamped & numbered. Comes with a special surprise.

  • Stygian Waters (ltd to 50)
    - Dark Blue cassette.
  • Moon Powder (ltd to 50)
    - Silver cassette.

*Blackrune 'Dead Temples' cassettes will be shipping mid-May 2016.

Furhoof 2015 Recap

2015, wow. It's been a great year and we have so many people to thank for it. Artists, musicians, writers & bloggers, friends & family, and you—our incredibly rad fans! (Over 1,000 of you now... so awesome!)

Here are some 2015 highlights:

  • A 90s basketball compilation now exists in the world on vinyl/cassette/zine (and got mentioned in Rolling Stone)
  • An incredible super-release from Heavy Boots feat. Triathalon
  • Two amazing reissues on cassette (Sunglow and Black Water Choir)
  • A deluxe cassette release for Heavenly Beat's Eucharist ("Body" & "Blood")
  • We got to work with the greatest rock band in Athens, GA (Grand Vapids)
  • Our first DIY release in a long time for pick-up-and-punk band Trophy Wives ("Panty-Pouch" cassettes)
  • Fifth year in Halloween Split Releases (1,000 Pieces & Blood Cousin)
  • Held our 2nd label showcase ever at Savannah Stopover
  • Got runner-up best local record label in Connect Savannah's Best of 2015 (behind our good friends Graveface Records)

Huge thank you to everyone! Can't wait for the new year—working with plenty of new artists, labels... oh the plans!

Stay rad, Furhoof.

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Premiere: Watch The Video For “Everything Is Scary” From German Error Message

Happy Friday! We've got an exciting announcement in that German Error Message has a new video out for "Everything Is Scary from his album Haunts

Thanks to No Country For New Nashville for the awesome writeup and premiere.

You can grab a copy of Haunts from the Furhoof Giftshop, or have your local record store get in touch.