Welcome Sunglow to the Furhoof Family.

Sunglow, aka Daniel B. Lynch, is an experimental electronic artist currently taking residence in Savannah, GA where he's been flooding the streets, parks and bars with his easily danceable, experimental electronic / weirdo-pop sounds. We're proud to welcome him to the family with his new album Nothing Doing. Out 6/10 digitally and on Furhoof: Sixth Man cassette shortly after, limited to 200 hand-stamped & numbered. Pre-Order from our webstore.


Last day of 2013 Surprise! Debut EP Jeff from Virginia lo-fi basementgazer Tired Moth.

Tired Moth writes/records the majority of his music in the basement/attic of his 1950s post-war home. If it’s not done there then it’s during his night shift at a nearby roadside hotel.

Go pay-what-you-want for Jeff and have a safe NYE.

Hopefully everyone had a rad Halloween yesterday, but are you just wishing it would continue on? 

Wish no more, because Man Eating Sloth has made “Undead Space Ranger” to help us haunt right on through the weekend.

An Intimate Evening With Blackrune is now available for your viewing/listening pleasure. The second film in our Intimate Evening Sessions takes you into the Savannah home of mystic PM Goerner. Enjoy.


Magic Places

It is at this point in time that we would like to proudly welcome Magic Places, which is manipulated and sometimes controlled by P.M. Goerner, to the furhoof family! 

MagicPlaces is an experimental electromagnetic field-generating apparatus discovered in the catacombs beneath Savannah, Georgia. We will be releasing his new EP, Akhenaten Percentages, on limited cassette in the near future. Until then go like him on facebook and stream the album on his bandcamp.

Hearing Gold thinks Man Eating Sloth is SOME KIND OF AWESOME.

Well it’s shaping up to be a Man Eating Sloth Friday! More kind words about the Schitzengigz EP, this time from the Vancouver (and all over) based blog, Hearing Gold:

1. Man Eating Sloth was introduced to me by my good friend Noah Kittinger, whose solo project Bedroom is on the same label as Man Eating Sloth. His song “Summer Morning Skytoucher,” off his new Schitzengigz EP, is so simple in its execution but so good. With an almost child-like sound to it and the captivating sounds of a flute carrying you along for the whole ride, it’s impossible not to get lost in this soothing soundscape.

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