New Gnaw Rains Music Video, Furious Hoops Tape & Graveface Anniversary Party

Bill at hissing lawns was kind enough to do a blog-blast of all things furhoof! 

Furious Hoops Vol. 01 gets the tape treatment for Cassette Store Day this Saturday. Check out the new video from Gnaw Rains' contribution... and learn about sportsmanship. 

•Unfortunately, our other CSD release STAY RAD SAV has ben postponed, but it's still coming. More info on that soon.

•New Heavy Boots music video for "So Long" off of new Triathalon-collaboration album Sister Lives

•AND we'll have a table at Graveface Records & Curiosities Friday, for their 4th anniversary block party. 6pm, stop bye... we'll have stuff! Consider it a pre-game to their all-day (and night) Graveface Fright Fest on Saturday which you should also attend. Buy tickets below.

Furious Hoops Vol. 01 — the comp paying homage to '90s basketball — now gets the tape treatment for Cassette Store Day

Available at your local (participating) record & cassette store on Saturday, 17 October 2015.*

Furious Hoops Vol.01 – This compilation collects music and art to pay homage to the greatest era of basketball in human history—the 1990s. Musicians and artists from all around the globe gathered together to create something as memorable, unique, and furious as the players who inspired it. Furious Hooves is proud to present to you Volume One of this collection known as Furious Hoops. Pop it in the deck, lace up the kicks, and head to the court.

Features exclusive music from side projects & members of Wild Nothing, Mac DeMarco/Homeshake, Triathalon, Sauna Heat, and more! More info can be found here:

*Pay attention to our Furhoof Giftshop this weekend as well if you live in an area missing out on the joys of tape hiss.

1. Blackrune – Commencement
2. Sauna Heat – The Palace
3. Nevin Kight- Plays
4. Heavy Boots – Dear Charles
5. Old Season – Assist Masters
6. Hawaiin Boi – Varsity Cool
7. Michael Myerz – Space Jam
8. Homeshake – He’s Heating Up
9. Hallucinex – Pat Ewing
12. 1,000 Pieces – Where You Go
13. Gnaw Rains – White Chocolate, Black Pleather

Pressing info:
/200 “Basketball-Orange”

Package includes:
– “Basketball-Orange” Cassette Tape w/ Black Imprint
– 4-Panel J-Card w/liners & credits
– Mint 1990s NBA Trading Card
– Furhoof “Bigfoot Baller” Sticker
– Download Card for album & PDF of Furious Hoops Compendium Zine**

**The zine, which was designed & curated by Ryan McCardle (art director & graphic designer for Captured Tracks / Omnian Music Group, Graveface Records, and others), collects hoops-inspired artwork from world-renown artists including Tim Cohen (The Fresh & Onlys, Magic Trick), Michael Skattum (Toy Designer, formerly of Wild Nothing), Joey Goodwin & John Gagliano (Unruly Heir), Liz Pavlovic (Crash Symbols label & Secret Decoder blog), Jose Ray, Rachael Perisho, and many many more.


We have an early demo of our song “Islands” (known here as “Cricket Chorus”) on this Cassette Store Day compilation from Furious Hooves called STAY RAD.

You can buy the cassette here:

Cassette Store Day leftover tapes available!

Tonight, Tuesday September 10th, at 8pm EST we will put up the leftover tapes from our Cassette Store Day release STAY RAD on our bandcamp for sale. Get em while they last… not a lot left!

Our first ever compilation  STAY RAD  will be available in an extremely limited tape form at  Graveface Records & Curiosities  in Savannah, GA for  International Cassette Store Day .  

Our first ever compilation STAY RAD will be available in an extremely limited tape form at Graveface Records & Curiosities in Savannah, GA for International Cassette Store Day.