The Sunday Experience | Furhoof Halloween Split Series 1-3

Happy ‪‎Halloween‬ everyone! The Sunday Experience blog wrote some pretty cool reviews on all 3 parts of our Furhoof‬ Halloween Split Series.

No.03 Hallucinex & Sauna Heat

No.02 Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune

No.01 mumbledust & Blood Cousin

Links for free downloads available and he has some pretty awesome genre tags too. Thanks Mark!

Happy Halloween! Celebrate by downloading Furhoof’s Halloween Split Series No.03 Ghost Vibrations featuring Hallucinex & Sauna Heat for free!

Download No.01 with mumbledust & Blood Cousin for free.
Download No.02 with Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune for free as well

Upcoming furhoof releases...

We have a lot going on in our lives right now (TJ & Ryan) but we want to thank you for sticking through it with us. As a reward, we’re going to list off our upcoming releases for you to look forward to:

FH-013 Blood Cousin EP on 3” mini-CD
FH-014 Blackrune Cassingle (Mystic/Noise)
FH-015 Hallucinex EP (90s Dream Pop)
FH-016 Heavy Boots mini-LP (Rachael of mumbledust lo-fi solo album)
FH-007 Bedroom Vivid will be completed!

Fuzzbook Premiere: Blood Cousin "Theme of the Raven"


Fuzzbook has some kind kind words and a premiere from the debut Blood Cousin EP. 

‘You Won (or, We Have All Lost)’ is the debut EP from Virginia based lo-folkers Blood Cousin.

"Theme of the Raven" is taken from the EP which borders the thin red, white and blue line between Americana and dark folk. The 4 tracks are distantly dreamy, kind of like what I imagine an EP recorded by a ghost might sound like.

The EP is available to stream now courtesy of the excellent FURIOUS HOOVES and will be available via download or 3” mini-CD soon.

Blood Cousin have an EP coming out in June, but you can stream You Won (or, We Have All Lost) now on bandcamp. According to their soundcloud, this EP ”takes on the tragedies of life: living, loving and losing.”

1. Evolution, Florida
2. Theme of the Raven
3. Ark of Jones (The Noble)
4. And Here We Are, 9 Meals Away From Anarchy

Will be available digitally and as a limited edition 3” CD housed in a unique handmade foldout sleeve.

December 21st 2012. It’s almost here. Whatever you believe, we have something to get you in the mood. Blood Cousin surprised us tonight with the first single from an EP, soon to be released in the winter of 2013. “And Here We Are, 9 Meals Away From Anarchy” builds up a doomsday scenario for all of us here at Furious Hooves… and frankly we’re excited to see what comes next.

Perfect|Midnight|World has some kind words about our Halloween Split from last year.

“Day 2 (Await)” by Blood Cousin // Last Night I Walked With a Zombie (Split) (2011)

For the past couple of years, Furious Hooves has been releasing splits for Halloween. Last year saw the first release, a split between Mumbledust and Blood Cousin, which saw both bands tackle dark folk tracks that celebrate the eerie music of the season. “Day 2 (Await)” is one of those tracks - the one from Blood Cousin - and it’s a pitch black beauty that sounds like the somber ballad of a low fog rolling in over graveyard. It’s melancholic guitar barely enough to rise the lovely, hushed vocals out of a whisper. Highest recommendation. 

(download) Mumbledust//Blood Cousin split - Last Night I Walked with a Zombie (via Furious Hooves)