New Magic Places EP to be released under new name: BLACKRUNE.

Hey guys! On the Magic Places front, we are very happy to say that we are still releasing ‘Akhenaten Percentages’ but under his new name of Blackrune. Here is a statement from P.M.

"Magic Places is no more! But much more than void and ether remain. Rather than make ‘Akhenaten Percentages’ the last release for the Magic Places moniker, like I’d initially planned, I’ve decided that I’d rather start my relationship with Furious Hooves on a brighter note. Instead of using this release to close the door on that project, I feel like it makes much more obvious sense in just about every way to use it as a jumping off point for a new project with a more focused personality. Blackrune is a project that’s ultimately characterized by the things that have caused my work as Magic Places to change so drastically in the last 6 months or so anyway, and this tape is more true to the first stages of that shift into new territory than it is to the final ones of what came before. So, I’m really happy to be able to bring something new to life right now, it seems like the perfect time. I think you’ll be pleased with what’s coming. I’ll be working really hard to turn it into something all it’s own!

Blackrune is like the name of a place, in my mind… a nice, misty little village on the northern coast of Scotland, maybe… and I think that highlights how things have changed. Instead of all of the magic places flying by, you get to take some time in one in particular. You get to know the people and the place a lot better.”