I Got Brains Fest 2012

I Got Brains Fest Logo

This amazing festival is coming up this summer in Blacksburg, VA called I Got Brains Fest. Our amazing friends at Flannel Gurl Records are putting it together, so you know it will be good. Furhoof’s very own Ryan McCardle will be handling the art and design of it all and overall it should all be a whole lotta rad. Check out the I Got Brains tumblr for a (continuously updating) list of bands to play and the Flannel Gurl website for all of their past, present and soon-to-be releases.

We (Jonathan & Kimmi) are extremely excited to be organizing this Festival because it has been a very long, but wonderful, two years of work doing All Ages shows in southwest VA. Within the past two years we have had the immense pleasure of meeting some of the best and most talented people who we are honored to call friends! 

This festival is a way of saying thank you to everyone: bands, friends and attendees alike who have pushed us along with your art, your presence or your words encouraging us to keep going! We would not be where we are today if it were not for all of you! 

(Taken from their “Welcome” post on I Got Brains Fest tumblr)