Flannel Gurl likes to call furhoof Ryan "the Hornet" for some reason.

Thanks for the love Flannel Gurl!


We are extremely stoked for and proud of our friend Ryan “The Hornet” McCardle who helps us do a lot of different design things, such as doing the b-side etching for the CityCop record or the layout for the Trust Fall record and the overall art direction of I Got Brains Fest. Along with helping us, he does design work for GRAVEFACE RECORDS who recently released the new The Appleseed Cast (official page) record entitled Illumination Ritual in which Ryan did the entire design and layout. If you’re ever in the need for someone to help you do design work please email Ryan a.k.a The Hornet at hello@ryanmccardle.com! It is also worth noting that he co-runs a pretty sweet record label called Furious Hooves with our wonderful friend T.j. Hatcher and they have put out some of our favorite releases in recent memory.