DECODER MAG Premiere: Man Eating Sloth - Smacked By Monkeys

Man Eating Sloth is producer Gabe McFarland; a native Virginian and a longtime bedroom producer, he’s currently studying at Radford University. Considering that he’s chosen to name his first proper release Schitzengigz, I’m confident that Radford is in good hands. Having said that, Schitzengigz justifies itself in more than one ways. Constructed almost entirely out of sounds manipulated from samples or made from scratch, McFarland layers elaborate looped rhythms over synths, deliberately cultivating what he calls a “jungle on the moon” vibe. It comes via Virginian label and DIY arts collective Furious Hooves, who specialize in handmade and limited edition releases - by way of illustration, their tumblr documents how they homemade a stamp for the label’s logo by whittling a pair of rubber hoof prints and encircling them with ink pressed by a roller skate wheel. Good people!

Download Schitzengigz from the Furious Hooves bandcamp.

Posted by  on May 30, 2012 at SECRETDECODER.NET