Dare Dukes Christmas Single Gets Physical Release November 29th.

Furious Hooves and Starland Records have teamed up to release this 2-song single Ghosts of Christmas from Savannah orchestral folklord, Dare Dukes. Set for release 29 November 2011, Dare has connected with a spectacular group of musicians including JoJo Glidewell (Modern Skirts) and Suny Lyons (pacificUV, Hope for Agoldensummer, Phosphorescent) whom have also helped out with the full length Thugs and China Dolls coming out 17 January 2012. What does Dare Dukes have to say on the matter of releasing a Christmas Single?

Yes, that’s right, me, valiant and cranky resister of the Hallmark Industrial Complex: I wrote a Christmas song. It’s bouncy, it’s cute, and yep, it’s a little dark. If you like banjos and doleful synthesizers you’re going to find yourself weeping into your egg nog.

The Limited Edition Furious Hooves CD comes in a unique hand-made slip case with inner sleeve, printed and collaged by Furious Hooves with a special surprise inside. There are only 50 of these and once these are gone, they are gone. Head on over to the bandcamp to pre-order yours now! All physical packages come with an instant digital download.