News: Furhoof Goes Novelty for 8th Split in Halloween Series

FH-061 Cover-02_1400.jpg

FH-061 // Halloween Split Series No.08 featuring Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs and Giuseppe Valentino.

This year for our special Furhoof Halloween release, we went novelty album! We were able to get an instant classic from Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs with “Spooky’s Theme.” It takes you on quite a... spooky... trip. Then, we were able to find a dubbed copy of the long-lost 1989 horror flick “Utter Abhorrence 2” on VHS. We pulled the audio from its amazing soundtrack, composed by Giuseppe Valentino, as best we could. The track here comes from one of the greatest scenes from the film when, and spoiler warning here, “Elisa Gets The Axe.” 

Please enjoy the 8th (2018) installment from the Furhoof Halloween Split Series. Thank you and Happy Halloween!

Download for free from the Furhoof Bandcamp.