Furhoof 2015 Recap

2015, wow. It's been a great year and we have so many people to thank for it. Artists, musicians, writers & bloggers, friends & family, and you—our incredibly rad fans! (Over 1,000 of you now... so awesome!)

Here are some 2015 highlights:

  • A 90s basketball compilation now exists in the world on vinyl/cassette/zine (and got mentioned in Rolling Stone)
  • An incredible super-release from Heavy Boots feat. Triathalon
  • Two amazing reissues on cassette (Sunglow and Black Water Choir)
  • A deluxe cassette release for Heavenly Beat's Eucharist ("Body" & "Blood")
  • We got to work with the greatest rock band in Athens, GA (Grand Vapids)
  • Our first DIY release in a long time for pick-up-and-punk band Trophy Wives ("Panty-Pouch" cassettes)
  • Fifth year in Halloween Split Releases (1,000 Pieces & Blood Cousin)
  • Held our 2nd label showcase ever at Savannah Stopover
  • Got runner-up best local record label in Connect Savannah's Best of 2015 (behind our good friends Graveface Records)

Huge thank you to everyone! Can't wait for the new year—working with plenty of new artists, labels... oh the plans!

Stay rad, Furhoof.

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