New items on the Furhoof Webstore!

We're putting up the remaining copies of the GF2014CSD compilation tapes we made for Graveface Records on our webstore tonight at 9pm (click on Specialty Items). Don't miss out! 

We've also stocked the site with the following goodies:
•Double Denim split of Sauna Heat & Wet Socks 
Blackrune 'Palustrine Hegemon' tapes
•Stay Rad tapes (only 2 - - CSD2013)
Hallucinex 'Online Birthday' (last copy of 1st press)
Blackrune 'Omphalos' tape (final copy of 1st press)
Blood Cousin 3" mini-disc (edition of 12)
1,000 Pieces 'Yellow & Black & Black' purple-swirl LP
•buttons, stickers & limited screenprinted totes