Jeff Haley
Jeff Haley & friends

Genre: Bedroom Pop / Jangle Pop
Home: Richmond, VA


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Jeff Haley is a multi-instrumentalist from southern Virginia who has performed all across the globe in various bands (Wild Nothing, Walter TV). The tracks on Jeff’s 2016 debut album Home Alone were primarily written and recorded in the basement of his former home in Portland, OR, nicknamed the "Milk House." This album is his first solo endeavor, the manifestations of his time alone in the Pacific Northwest.

“Haley has seemingly crafted something markedly impervious, the kind of distinct act of solemnity that exudes all kinds of varying energies without ever taking anything back.” –GoldFlakePaint on Home Alone.

Jeff Haley quickly delivered his sophomore album From Upstairs in 2017 after moving up (literally) from the basement of album one to a new upstairs apartment in album two. Also recorded in Portland, From Upstairs explores everything from the current heated political atmosphere to the mundane of everyday normal life.

“Sometimes you have to look no further than the backing musicians from some of your favorite bands to discover new music.” –My Old Kentucky Blog on finding Jeff Haley through Wild Nothing.

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Furhoof Discography:

FH-052 / FH:VI-025 Jeff Haley
From Upstairs Tape

1. Rough Country
2. Glued
3. Between
4. Silver Soul
5. Make Believe
6. Columns
7. Don't Believe In
8. Untied (feat. Aimee Callahan)
9. Lying
10. Nettled Dreams
11. Help



FH-039 / FH:VI-016 Jeff Haley
Home Alone Tape

1. Last Week
2. Back Down
3. Lessons
4. Morning Idea
5. Like Flying
6. Bed
7. Wall
8. Milk House
9. Off
10. Dunes
11. Orange
12. In Boxes
13. Sweet Spot
14. Trap
15. Stay Awhile



FH-023 / FH:VI-005 Various Artists
Furious Hoops, Vol.01 Compilation

5. Old Season - Assist Masters