Furious Hooves

Furious Hooves is a family fueled by their love for independent music and 90’s basketball, but to put it frankly they are a music & arts collective (label) that releases limited editions (many include handmade pressings) in an array of media formats.

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The Furhoof Manifesto

The Furhoof Artifact: We want to create something rad and fun for the fans and the bands equally. Something they can hold in their hand instead of just seeing a list songs on their hard-drive. 

Limited Editions: Not only are small runs more intimate for everyone involved, but they cut down on the amount of excess. Typically we work in runs / presses of 24 (a Gugliotta-run), but they certainly can vary from 7 (a Kukoc-run) to 50 (a Reeves-run) or anything near or far (just not too far).

Handmade: We love making everything by hand as much as we can. The tapes are typically all dubbed in house. J-cards are made out of found objects, recycled material. Information is type set or stamped. If by chance we do something more machine-friendly, we will be taking the extra time to customize each artifact one-by-one.

Hand-numbered: Everything gets editioned. Every new limited "pressing" or run will typically follow suit in the same manner.

All Handmade. All Limited. All Love. #furhoof