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Trophy Wives
Rachael Boswell, Madison Davis, Aoife Estes, Emma Ledgerwood

Genre: Outsider Punk
Home: Savannah, GA
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The three original members of Trophy Wives — Emma Ledgerwood, Rachael Boswell, and Madison Davis — met at a local house show. Pushing and shoving next to each other. Some call it love at first sight, others call it a punk-rock destiny. They quickly developed a fun “joke” about starting a band, soon realizing “UH WHY THE F--- NOT!?” often shaken by the idea of “we can’t play any instruments!” but did that stop them? Hell no. Emma found a bass guitar at a pawn shop, Rachael bought a shit drum set off some creep from craigslist, and Madison learned to scream and make people uncomfortable. After 3 months of constant practice Trophy Wives played their first show, a set of 14 quick songs. Just 3 months after that they recorded their first album Soft Serve with stand in guitarist Van Damn and were later joined by guitarist Aoife Estes, who learned guitar by playing the songs off Soft Serve. From that day on these four 19 year olds starting making local Savannah boy bands shiver in their lil’ boots.

In November 2015, Trophy Wives announced their end with a farewell show / cassette-release of Soft Serve. It was available in two editions: First — handmade set of 36; and Second — handmade set of 20 "Panty-Pouch" editions that were hand-selected and hand-sewn by the band

Furhoof Discography:

FH-036 Trophy Wives
Soft Serve Tape

1. Baby Killer
2. Like You
3. I'm Not Sorry
4. Mad Dog Bush
5. I Need You! Fuck You!
6. Piggy
7. Black Sox
8. Recycle For Me In Hell
9. Boneyard Baby
10. Skort
11. Sweat
12. KZDS
13. Cola Edge
14. Cherry Picker