Tired Moth
Luke S. Anderson

Genre: Lo-Fi Basementgaze
Home: Dublin, VA


Tired Moth is the lo-fi basementgaze project of Luke S. Anderson, who writes & records the majority of his music in the basement/attic of a 1950s post-war home in Southwestern Virginia. If it’s not done there then it’s during his night shift at a nearby roadside hotel. Tired Moth combines dark electronics and “field” recordings to a diy atmosphere to create strange, yet beautiful, soundtracks to your daily (or nightly) routines.


Furhoof Discography:

FH-027 Tired Moth
Post Legitimate LP

1. Bandersnatch
2. Black Bear
3. Vega
4. Worm Wife (Feat. Sci Fi Dad)
5. Salt
6. Lost Highway
7. Noir
8. Tidus
9. Run
10. Sleep To Talk
11. Stinky Company
12. Monstro
13. Ink Gut
14. Love Is A Dog From Hell
15. Jobie
16. Night Crawler


FH-020 Tired Moth
The Brain Doesn't Rust EP

1. Bog Water
2. Keir Dullea
3. Mouth Breather
4. Salad Days
5. Dark Circles
6. Quaid
7. Floyd's Tomb



FH-016 Tired Moth
Jeff EP

1. It's In The Basement
2. Bad Dog
3. They Gotta Cherry Pie Here That'll Kill Ya
4. Dead Heat
5. Night Waves