Sauna Heat
Michael Younker, Hunter Jayne & Mariel ZB

Genre: Garage Punk / Rock 'n' Cruise
Home: Savannah, GA
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Spawned in the swamps of Savannah, GA, Sauna Heat is a scuzzy, high-energy punk trio guaranteed to make you sweat. "We’re old school rock ‘n’ cruise—Detroit style." Known for mashing on a floor tom and bleeding on strings, Sauna Heat make hips sway and shoulders shimmy between sips of malt liquor and holy water. "We would pray to our gods before each set, except Iggy Pop is still alive and the 80’s didn’t kill the Gories," says Michael Younker. Rock ‘n’ roll - no bullshit, no filler, just scorchers and groovers. "We wail about drugs, women and church—like true Americans oughta."

In September of 2014, Furious Hooves is releasing a split tape between Savannah garage rockers Sauna Heat & Wet Socks. Leave your studded leather jacket at the door, this ain't no Ty Segall show. We're wearing denim for this cassette's arrival... "Double Denim." On one side, Wet Socks bring the fever–the boogie fever. Sauna Heat takes no time to spin back up the groove on the other side of the tape. Put your children to bed, grab your discount beer, and kick back while Sauna Heat does damage to your, already, onset tinnitus. Presenting a more traditional take on rock 'n' roll, it only makes sense that Sauna Heat will star in the 2015 remake of 'Detroit Rock City.'

You can find more of their rad releases on Soft Science Records.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-025 / FH:VI-007 Sauna Heat & Wet Socks
Double Denim Split EP

1. Headboard
2. The Creep
3. Heart Control / Tough Smokes



FH-018 Hallucinex & Sauna Heat
Ghost Vibrations Split 

2. Whisper in the Wind

Furhoof Halloween Split Series No.03