Man Eating Sloth
Gabriel McFarland

Genre: Trip Hop / Ambient / IDM
Home: Draper, VA
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Man Eating Sloth is the moniker for producer / sound designer / multi-instrumentalist Gabriel McFarland. The soundscapes he shapes are strongly influenced by things here on Earth: nature, culture, art, love and life; as well as things not so of this Earth: dreams, space, psychedelia, love and life. 

In May of 2012, Furious Hooves digitally released Man Eating Sloth’s debut EP Schitzengigz for the world to hear. Premiering on Secret Decoder and getting on the June 2012 BIRP!, it continues to climb in recognition with such press from Bandcamp Hunter, ”chilled electronic explorations that remind me of Cluster at times. 10s all around.” As well as Hearing Gold mentioning that “it’s impossible not to get lost in this soothing soundscape.”


Furhoof Discography: 

FH-026 Man Eating Sloth & Sunglow "Living Haunt" Split EP 

1. Man Eating Sloth - Undead Space Ranger
3. Man Eating Sloth - Enslaved By Machines

Furhoof Halloween Split No.04


FH-015 Various Artists
STAY RAD, Vol.01 Compilation

7. Panda Patrol



FH-010 Man Eating Sloth & Blackrune
Devil, Do You Dare Approach Me? Split

1. Depths

Furhoof Halloween Split No.02


FH-006 Man Eating Sloth
Schitzengigz EP

1. Summer Morning Skytoucher
2. Smacked By Monkeys
3. The Way (You Make Me Feel)
4. The Meaning of a Broken Heart