Horse Culture
Nika McKagen, Tim Hawks, Walter Porter

Genre: Southern Goth Rock
Home: Richmond, VA (via) Blacksburg, VA


Press Photos:

Horse Culture is a proto-minimal goth rock act founded in Blacksburg, VA in 2015, comprised of Timothy Jacob Hawks, Nika McKagen, and Walter Porter. They lead an agnostic prayer for our collective suffering. Through reiterated chords, musical phrases, and warmth in tonality, Horse Culture strives for an emotional resonance in this slow trudge toward death.

You can join the ritual, summoning Southern Goth Rock, with Horse Culture's debut House on limited edition Cassette Tape May 26th, 2017.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-050 Horse Culture
House Tape

1. Ruins
2. House
3. Augustine
4. Light
5. Witchy
6. Sustain
7. Waxy
8. Country
9. Stay
10. Do They
11. Texaco



FH-043 Stay Rad Vol. 03: Furhoof Yr 5 Compilation

24. Horse Culture - Texaco