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Horse Culture
Nika McKagen, Tim Hawks, Danny Shyti.

Genre: Noise Rock / Doom Punk
Home: Richmond, VA (via Blacksburg, VA)
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Horse Culture is a three piece band from Richmond, VA comprised of Timothy Hawks, Nika McKagen, and Danny Shyti. They collage the gloomiest parts of multiple aggressive genres and package it with warm tones and a meditative reiteration of chords. Their first album 'House' was released in 2017 with their deeper exploration into dark and brooding melodies being emphasized in 2018’s EP, 'Follow.'

House seems able to conjure its own atmospheric patterns, unseen forces called forth from homebrew hexes, leaving the listener dazed and amazed, like a torn page that’s been swirled around and left strewn on the ground.
– Liam Doyle, Various Small Flames

You can grab House (2017) and Follow EP (2018) on limited-edition cassettes via Furious Hooves

Furhoof Discography:

FH-059 Horse Culture
Follow Tape

1. Follow
2. Anteo
3. Angels
4. Blue


FH-050 Horse Culture
House Tape

1. Ruins
2. House
3. Augustine
4. Light
5. Witchy
6. Sustain
7. Waxy
8. Country
9. Stay
10. Do They
11. Texaco



FH-043 Stay Rad Vol. 03: Furhoof Yr 5 Compilation

24. Horse Culture - Texaco