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Heavenly Beat
John Peña

Genre: Piña Colada Pop / Dream Pop
Home: Brooklyn, NY / Austin, TX
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Texas native John Pena, (who you might also know from Beach Fossils), is the voice and writer of Heavenly Beat. Started in late 2009, Heavenly Beat began as a side project for Pena, he was writing and recording music for it in his bedroom. Heavenly Beat soon developed into a full band whose sound is a blend of dreamy piña colada pop and wispy gentle vocals. Pena delivers relaxing and catchy ballads, full of acoustic guitar and synth-pop percussion that contribute to an underlying groovy feel. Heavenly Beat released their album Prominence, through the Brooklyn label Captured Tracks in 2013, which has received much attention especially for the track “Honest.” 

“He's true to his nom de plume here, as nylon guitars and steel drums are cut up and looped in the style of the Field, while the drum machine patter recalls the 1990s throwback beats of Elite Gymnastics or the Tough Alliance.” – Pitchfork

Furious Hooves will be releasing Heavenly Beat's latest full-length record Eucharist on two limited edition deluxe-cassette pressings of 125 this Valentine's Day: "Body" cassette (limited to 125) and "Blood" cassette (limited to 125).

Furhoof Discography:

FH-030 Heavenly Beat
Eucharist LP

1. Kin
2. Patience
3. Manna
4. Faults
5. Head
6. Legacy
7. Covet
8. Eucharist
9. Relevance
10. Beyond
11. Effort
12. Relentless