Go Tigers! 
Tim Hawks, TJ Hatcher, Brandon Lytton, Ricky McGlothlin, Cord Sherman, Matt Quesenberry, Chaz Chinault (Former)

Genre: Post-Grind / Mathcore / Ambient
Home: Pulaski/Blacksburg, VA
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Go Tigers! formed in January of 2007 as a ‘post-…’ band. They are still a ‘post-…’ band even in death; both paying homage to the artists they love while moving beyond the shackles of genre distinction. In 2009 Go Tigers! released their album -/+ which was handmade entirely by the band, which included TJ Hatcher, the co-founder of Furious Hooves. It would later become known as the unofficial first release (FH-000) of Furious Hooves two years later.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-015 Various Artists
STAY RAD, Vol.01 Compilation

8. Tolstoyan


FH-000 Go Tigers!

1. Non-Figurative
2. The Gandhi Twins
3. ...And A Severed Head / Love Personified
4. Horton Hears A Who
5. Mustard Seeds in Coal Country
6. Destroyer of Worlds
7. Tolstoyan