German Error Message
Paul Kintzing

Genre: Experimental Folk
Home: Nashville, TN
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German Error Message began in 2004 as the solo bedroom recording project of Paul Kintzing. With a combination of delicate walls of sound, symbolic lyricism and diverse instrumentation, Kintzing creates songs that exist in a realm all their own. 

From the beginning, he has consistently released material that one-ups the idea of what actually can be done in a makeshift recording space. As prolific as ever, late 2014 sees the release of a split EP with Lung Cycles (release date: 11/25/14 via Lily Tapes & Discs) and the new full-length Haunts (release date: 12/2/14 on Furious Hooves). Both are examples of how Kintzing has grown from a solitary, teenage singer-songwriter from northeast Louisiana to a studied musician/producer/adult living in Nashville. But no matter the age, Kintzing has relied on the power of observation to carry his message. It is the simple things that he sees that carry the most weight, and with each release, whatever he sees becomes more defined, more powerful, more beautiful.

–written by Matthew Sigur, journalist

Furhoof Discography:

FH-028 / FH:VI-008 
German Error Message Haunts LP 

1. What Do You Want
2. A Held Breath
3. Interlude III
4. A Lingering
5. Haunts
6. I Know The Shape
7. A New Sighing
8. Everything Is Scary