Black Water Choir
Corey Hines

Genre: Folk / Americana
Home: Asheville, NC / Savannah, GA
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Black Water Choir is the collective mind of Corey Hines, blending folk and alt-country styles with a dark-pop influence echoing throughout; often experimenting with raw, lo-fidelity recordings and noises to create an ambient room-scape within a song. Spending the majority of his life in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee where the influence of mountains, weather and light have found their way into the core of the writing process, including sounds, rhythms, lyrics and overall texture, Black Water Choir is based out of Savannah, GA and is an homage to the black water rivers that meander through the low-country of the southern United States. 

The deluxe redux of Stray Dogs from Black Water Choir is out now on limited edition Cassette Tape.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-032 / FH:VI-012 Black Water Choir
Stray Dogs LP

1. Ghost of Summer
2. Where I'm Going
3. There is No Place You Can Rest
4. North on Twenty-Six
5. Some Nights (Let's Take It Home)
6. Death No. 1
7. There's a Flood Outside and I'm Stuck Inside
8. Ice Homes
9. Where You Are
10. Morning Light
11. In The Stills
12. Late Night and Late Forever
13. Whiskey-Water *Bonus Song