Baxter Roy Long
Baxter Roy Long

Genre: Free Folk / New Weird America
Home: Colorado / Nomad


Baxter Roy Long grew up on Badger Ridge Ranch in Southeastern Colorado and began experimenting with sound in a tack room stall circa 2004. Though his days on the saddle are in his rearview mirror you can still feel, touch and merely smell the dry sage filled range, cow dung, and rawhide in his sonic contributions. He records, produces and solely plays all his records just like any lone ranger traversing a vast lonesome landscape would. Perhaps he arrived on this plane to carry a desert flower through a no man’s land to place it gently against your ear for the sake of a delicate embrace.

"I found an image of someone molding clay hands into the fragile unevenness of plastic sheathing. I took a photo of that photo and placed it between a projector mirror and my center. I bowed beneath it with microphone in hand, elbows acute and catching breath on the offbeat. I rotated the stereo out to a mono in and cut off the high end so the remaining warbles could slowly boil in the cauldron." - Baxter Roy Long

Furious Hooves was proud to release two albums simultaneously for Baxter Roy Long on February 10, 2017 both on limited edition Cassette Tape and digitally worldwide. Flower Essence Questionnaire was recorded Winter 2015-Spring 2016 across Lewiston, Maine; Elizabeth, Colorado; and Buffalo, New York. Palms on the Setting Stone was recorded in 2014 across Sequim & Seattle, Washington; and Buffalo, New York.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-047 Baxter Roy Long
Palms On The Setting Stone Tape

1. Arrow Wrap
2. Number, Shape, Color
3. Keeping the Makeshift World Afloat
4. Quarter Journey
5. Meet Me At Eleven
6. I am Your New Friend
7. Melton Otar
8. Sharp Twin Pinnacles
9. March of Saginaw
10. CoveredUnderCovers
11. Sodasorb Floor
12. The Sheik



FH-046 Baxter Roy Long
Palms On The Setting Stone Tape

1. Paribanou
2. Alone in Your Fantasy
3. Three Years Later a Ditty for Dari
4. Florentine Diamond
5. Pin to Pin
6. Putting in Your Oar
7. Halib Makkah
8. Born in September
9. Bonzo!
10. It Closes How it Opens
11. Baby Blue