1,000 Pieces
Tyler Duddy

Genre: Math / Post Rock
Home: St. Louis, MO
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1,000 Pieces is a St. Louis born and raised one man band. Tyler Duddy writes music that incorporates the more complex rhythms, patterns and structures of math and post rock – but expresses it a little more accessibly. With Yellow & Black & Black, Duddy wanted to write an album that could be easily enjoyed while offering more just beneath the surface. Written and recorded in 2009 at the fresh baby-faced age of 19, Yellow & Black & Black finally saw the light of day as Furious Hooves’ first vinyl release in January 2013.

Furhoof Discography:

FH-015 Various Artists
STAY RAD, Vol.01 Compilation

2. The Ballad of Little Glacier


FH-011 1,000 Pieces
Yellow & Black & Black LP

1. Tall / Tale
2. The Ballad of Little Glacier
3. If All You See
4. The Mountain
5. Red Feet Pt. I
6. Red Feet Pt. II
7. Red Feet Pt. III [Vinyl Only]
8. Spread the Love