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Furious Hooves releases from 2011: FH-001 through FH-004.

Also includes the unofficial first release from 2009 (FH-000).


FH-004 Whiskey Tango 'Whiskey Tango EP'


FH-003 Dare Dukes 'Ghosts of Christmas'


Ltd CD : 50 (hand-numbered)
Handmade/printed/collaged slipcase w/recycled, watercolored inner sleeve and printed CD face.



FH-002 mumbledust & Blood Cousin 'Last Night I Walked With A Zombie'


Furhoof Halloween Split Series No.01

FH-001 Without A Fight 'The Sunny Side of Northwood' EP

Ltd CD : 50 (hand-numbered)
Handmade/printed/painted/collaged slipcase w/stamped recycled inner sleeve for CD-R. All Northwood Bikini Babes are unique to their own.



FH-000 Go Tigers! '-/+'

Ltd CD : N/A
Handmade/printed/stamped slipcase w/stamped CD-R.